University-level Science & Technology Collaboration between the US and Russia

Overview of US-Russia science & technology collaboration on the basis of co-publications

Revised geometric estimates of the North Galactic Pole and the Sun's height above the Galactic mid-plane

The Rotation Period Distributions of 4-10 Myr T Tauri Stars in Orion OB1: New Constraints on Pre-main-sequence Angular Momentum Evolution

Revising the Galactic Coordinate System

New measurement the ICRS position of the North Galactic Pole and estimation of the Sun’s heigh above the Galactic Midplane

Rotation Period of T Tauri Stars

Statistical study of rotation period of young T Tauri stars and stellar angular momentum evolution model

Southern Fermi Bubble in UV Absorption Spectra

Statistical Study of the Southern Fermi Bubble in UV using distant QSOs